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The Heartrize ™ Workout Trust the Results


HR Workout

The Heartrize fitness workout utilizes these types of exercises systems:

  • Dynamic exercises to safely prepare your body for a high intensity workout
  • Compound exercises to efficiently work multiple muscle groups at one time
  • Isolation exercises to target one muscle group for symmetry in the body
  • Aerobic exercises to increase oxygen flow and burn more calories and fat
  • Anaerobic exercises to utilize carbohydrates for strength, speed and power
  • Plyometrics to enhance power and performance
  • Isometric exercises to improve stability and core strength
  • ChestShoulders

    Core Energy Systems

    Each of these exercises is used through HIIT and MetCon methods to activate the body’s three metabolic energy systems:

  • Phosphagen, which the body uses to support very short and very fast activities.
  • Glycolysis, which quickly breaks down carbs to fuel 30 second to 2 minute bursts.
  • Aerobic, which uses fat, blood sugar and stored glucose (glycogen) to fuel the body.

  • Phosphagen - GlycolysisAerobic

    Cell RespirationMetabolism

    Core EnergyManagement

    High Intensity Interval Training

    High intensity interval training has been shown to be the most effective type of cardio for burning fat and stimulating muscle. Interchanging intense bursts of activity with longer rest periods not only develops power, speed and endurance, but kicks your metabolism into hyperdrive, activating the “afterburn” effect that allows your body to burn calories up to 36 hours after workout.

    HIITCircuit 1
    HIITCircuit 2
    HIITCircuit 3


    Metabolic Conditioning utilizes longer bursts of exercise with little to no rest periods in between, resulting in long lasting afterburn and a maximized metabolic rate. This short but intense workout challenges two major energy systems: ATP, which transports energy within cells for increased metabolism, and glycolysis, which breaks down carbohydrates for an easy source of energy to support those intense bursts.

    MetConCircuit 1
    MetConCircuit 2
    MetConCircuit 3

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