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Heartrize Fitness LLC Who we are


Mikell Boatright the Founder of Heart Rize Fitness

My fitness Journey started in one of the top strength and conditioning programs in Georgia at the time. I was in the 7th grade when I was introduced to my first weight room coach and trainer. I only realize now how valuable coach Mac was for my love and passion of fitness. He started the foundation of my career by leading us young athletes through intense programs and progressions to improve performance and strength. Now, 17 years later I have the opportunity to bring my own fitness concept to the Valdosta community and give hope and motivation to people wanting to achieve their fitness dreams. I spent five years working in nutrition stores and training clients after work. The more people I helped lose weight, gain muscle mass, or reach a fitness goal they desired, the more energy and life I felt inside me. This strength and drive motivated me to take on more responsibility to show people how to improve their life through fitness. I felt like it was my calling in life. I also gained valuable management and leadership experience running multiple nutrition stores during those five years which helped me to become a better leader and person to not only help my customers, but also my employees. Finding the greatness in people and leading them to helping others through fitness is an amazing feeling. This lead me to ultimately taking a small training program of 6 trainers to 18 personal trainers and gaining over 300 clients in a local gym right here in Valdosta, GA. I had the opportunity to touch hundreds of clients lives and build a team of quality personal trainers who loved their job. It was a great experience to watch a team of trainers help change and improve many lives through fitness. But I couldn’t ignore the hundreds of people that still needed more time with the trainer or didn’t have the money to spend to get the training sessions they really needed in order to reach their goals. It seemed like the ones who really needed the help and guidance were not able to afford the service, or make the time in their busy schedules to come in. I aspired to add more value to the customer and to be able to pay the trainers what they are truly worth. Ultimately that’s why I decided to start Heart Rize Fitness. I have worked 12 months on building a fitness concept from all my successes, failures, and inconsistencies that will give my customers the best opportunity to get the results they want and deserve. After starting my fitness journey when I was 12 in the small town of Folkston, GA I have learned over the years that life is just like exercise, the harder it is the stronger you become.

The Heart Rize Proven Process

  • Our accurate 3D body scanner will give you a great starting point and help us create fitness goals for you. This monthly evaluation will keep you motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals here at Heart Rize Fitness.
  • Basic nutritional education during our consultation followed with a plan for success.
  • Alkaline water system design to hydrate the body and improve metabolism
  • Scientifically proven workout to deliver visual results in 4 weeks with 3 to 4 workouts per week.
  • Healthy supplement line to maximize your results.
  • features

    The Science Behind the workout

    We say skip the long, boring cardio workouts and exchange them for exciting and diverse exercises that will burn fat, build muscle and transform your body. Whether you prefer HIIT or MetCon, both will improve your heart health by leaps and bounds and that is why Heart Rize Fitness was developed. High intensity workouts keep your heart muscle working up to 90% of your MHR, building up a tremendous amount of strength and endurance. High intensity workouts also raise the amount of oxygen your body can consume, which will improve your cardiovascular health. The constant calorie burning is also beneficial for maintaining healthy glucose levels and increasing your metabolism for a healthier you.

    Technogym Skill Mill

    Heart Rize Fitness is the first training studio in the state of Georgia to feature the Technogym Skillmill and Skillrow with a heart rate tracking system.


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